About the Movie

A bumbling young film crew, shooting a low-budget horror movie in an abandoned  orphanage, discovers that a family of sadistic killers has rewritten their script.

Frustrated he can’t get Hollywood to read his blockbuster script, Shane decides to make his own movie with the help of his girlfriend Chloe and housemates Nelson, yuppie African-American, and Billy, Chloe’s stoner brother. Virgin Cheerleaders in Chains will be a low-budget horror movie. The novice crew stumble through preproduction – casting at a strip club, where they find Amber, and trying to raise money from Nelson’s rich father. But they never get around to actually writing a script. When Shane gets horror-movie icon Mike Beale to attach to the project, things begin to look up. Then Nelson’s father backs out, leaving the team broke once again.

Putting aside their money woes, the crew drives into the countryside to an old orphanage that closed years earlier after a fire nearly destroyed the nursery. Now only Albert Fish, former caretaker at the orphanage; his helper, the filthy Otto; and two Dobermans live there. It's a perfect location for Act III, which is still not written. The group continues the search for financing.

Once they secure financing and decide to shoot there, the excited cast and crew drive out to the orphanage, arriving at sunset. Once there, they are treated to a sumptuous feast. Mike and Albert are the perfect hosts. After dinner, Shane shoots one scene in the basement, and then they all break for the night.

It will be the longest night of their lives. And for most, the last night.