It's Virgin Cheerleaders in Chains - The Movie

Virgin Cheerleaders in Chains is a new movie by screenwriter/producer Gary Gannaway. Primary Cinematography is completed. We made it through the hardest part. Now we have started post production. We still have a few opportunities for more folks to come on-board. Just drop us a now and we'll tell you how you can get involved. So - Give us a cheer and click on the DONATE button to help out!

  Our footage is GORGEOUS. The crew has been amazing and some folks have really stepped up to make sure we make something worth being proud of. We are being interviewed on May 19th 2016 for the ZombieLife TV sponsored by the Zombie Life Podcast! ( ) Please download and listen.. then share with your friends!

Check out our last indiegogo crowdfunding campaign! The campaign is over but there is a lot of information posted you might find of interest . Share our website and join us on Facebook !

Check out last year's teaser trailer made with a little help from all of our friends.

Virgin Cheerleaders in Chains from Vigor Mortis on Vimeo.